I want to be able to consume comedic content without being constantly braced for a ‘joke’ in which people like me are the punchline
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Here’s the thing.

Some white people can’t STAND that there’s a word that black folks are allowed to say that they can’t. They feel discriminated against like they’re at the back of the bus. They are angry.

Four hundred years in this country is white people telling black people what they can’t do. ‘You can’t go off the plantation. You can’t keep your religion. You can’t be free. You can’t vote.’ But in 400 years, black folks have asked white people not to do ONE thing: Don’t say that word.

And they still can’t do it.

John Fugelsang about the N-word on the Hot Talk Panel at The Wendy Williams Show (via whatwhiteswillneverknow)

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